Swarngiri Fort

“Let the sky be torn, the earth turned upside down, let the iron armor be cut to pieces, body fighting alone, but Jalore would not surrender”

The Fort was built between 8th and 10th century and is considered as one of the most impermeable forts of the country. The Fort is also known as Swarnagiri (Sonalgarh) Fort. It dominated by Parmars, Chouhans, Popabai, and Muslims. During the reign of Kanhad Dev Sonagara, Jalore was attacked and destroyed in 1311 by Ala ud din Khilji, Sultan of Delhi. Jalore fort is located on about 1200 feet straight and stiff hill. The fort has four mighty gates or pols (Suraj Pol, Dhruv Pol, Chand Pol and the Sire Pol). It is approachable only from one side, after a two-mile long serpentine ascent having more than 1000 steps. The attractions inside the fort are Raja Mansingh Palace, Chamunda Mata Mandir, Shiv Mandir, Jain Temple, Tomb of Sant Malikshah and Dahiyo ki Pol. Another attraction of the fort is Viram Dev Chowk which is located on peak of the fort.