Sire Mandir

Sire Mandir is located near the Jalore City in the lapel of Kalashachal Mountain above 646 meters. The way to the temple is through the Jalore City. The Temple is also a place of Sage Jabali’s austerity, adorable place of Raja Bhratrahar’s asceticism head Suanath and his disciples. The mighty Pandwas were also spent some period of time during their anonymity. The Saint of Nath Creed Shri Jalandharnath ji did rigorous penance in Bhanwar Cave situated at the mountain. He shown sight with his austerity power to instantaneous ruler Parmar Raja Rao Ratan under the banyan tree and after that Shiv Temple was built by Raja Ratan Singh whose restoration was made by Raja Mansingh Rathore. Under the proximity of Sant Shree Shree 1008 Shantinath Ji Maharaj, renovation of the temple, gardening and plantation was done. Facilities for telephone and electricity are also available there.